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Partners: Fibrenamics

Description: Creation of an integrating platform for different types of agents for the recovery and valorisation of waste (rubber, plastic, among others) with the potential to be converted in new value-added products for applications in the tourism sector.


  • Study of recycling and transformation methods and processes of different types of waste (rubber and plastic).

  • Study of compatibility between different types of waste and respective recovery processes.

  • Identification of application opportunities based on demonstration models.

  • Development of prototypes and innovative technologies based on waste.

  • Elaboration of marketing plans for the developed prototypes.

  • Creation of an integrating platform based on the generation of product development value chains, which embody the concept of circular economy.

Timeframe: 04/2020-12/2022

Total Eligible Cost: € 195 346,75
European Union Financial Support: € 156 277,40

Funding: PO Açores 2020

Operation: ACORES-01-0247-FEDER-000022

Territorial Scope: Autonomous Region of Azores


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